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Who is VA Placement Service?

At VA Placement Service, we empower entrepreneurs and business owners across diverse industries to reclaim their time, accelerate growth, and transform their operations.

Our Journey

Founded by Aymeric Monello-Fuentes in April 2019, VA Placement Service has evolved from a specialized Amazon seller service into a comprehensive business optimization solution for entrepreneurs in various sectors.

Our Mission

We connect entrepreneurs with certified remote professionals to manage daily operations.

Our Vision

Impact 10,000 entrepreneurs.

Core Values


Prioritizing measurable outcomes, we consistently strive to exceed goals, focusing on productivity and tangible achievements.


Acting with purpose and clarity, our decisions align with long-term goals, ensuring strategic efforts contribute to our objectives.


Ensuring harmony between actions, strategies, and goals, we work towards a unified end goal with coherence and consistency.


Exercising self-control and adhering to standards, we ensure commitment and consistency in our actions, driving long-term success.


Being open and honest in all communications, we foster trust and build a foundation of integrity through clear and straightforward actions.


Taking responsibility for our actions and outcomes, we ensure commitments are honored and demonstrate reliability and responsibility.

By embodying these core values, our organization creates a culture that promotes excellence, coherence, and integrity, driving both individual and collective success.